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Herpes Dating Tips for Valentine’s Day

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In a few days you would witness millions of couples trying to do something special for their partner just to show how much they mean to them. Yes! Valentine’s Day is round the corner and you have every reason to be happy about it. On the other hand, you have millions of people across the world living with herpes, who are afraid of dating or have been dumped only because they’re infected with a STD.

Public health officials in the United States have proclaimed the 14th of February as National Condom Day. The prime objective of this move is to highlight the role played by contraceptives in the control of sexually transmitted infections in addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies.

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It has been reported that one out of 5 persons in the United States are living with herpes. If you happen to be the gifted one, it is advised you abstain from getting physically intimate with a person who is experiencing an outbreak. If the male has no symptoms of herpes and the female uses Valtrex, the chances of transmission of the virus through oral sex are as less as 2 percent.

Furthermore, use of dental dams is known to completely eliminate the chances of transmission of the virus in case you indulge in oral sex. Here are a few suggestions proposed by those living with the herpes simplex virus from a prolonged period of time.

Telling the trust on how you contracted the virus

Hiding the facts pertaining to your herpes infection would pose a threat to your companion and you wouldn’t want to be blamed for transmitting the virus to your companion, would you?

The best thing would be to tell your partner how you got it. It can either be from your ex boyfriend or from sharing clothing with your room mate who apparently had herpes. There are many ways by which you can contract herpes. Regardless of what your approach is, it is advised you maintain transparency. Besides, it is also suggested you make this confession prior to getting physically intimate with your partner.

On the other hand, if your partner tells you that he / she is living with herpes, avoid panicking and get yourself tested.

It is important you make the 14th of February a very special day and not make guilt a part of it. All it takes is honestly and a bit of imagination to make things happen.

Educating your partner

If you’re living with herpes and your partner isn’t, it would make sense you educate your companion. Tell him about all the ways in which herpes can be transmitted from one individual to another. Also let him know that the best way to avoid the transmission is not by refraining from having sex but by making adequate use of antiviral drugs and precautions.