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Relation between Herpes and Alzheimer’s and should you be worried?

 Herpes and Alzheimer's

Herpes is the viral disease which communicates from a diseased person to other person. There are two types of herpes causing virus named as HSV-1 and HSV-2. They transfer from one to other while having sex through genitals of the partners enjoying sex, due to this the disease is also called as genital herpes. This virus also transfers by the saliva of people living with herpes while enjoying oral sex. The infection causes cold sores and rashes on the skin, genitals and also on the lips of people having herpes.

There is another disease known as Alzheimer’s disease which shows the cold sores on the lips of diseased people which looks like as same as cold sores due to herpes. There are many researches done in the past considering about Alzheimer’s. As many people think that herpes virus is the major reason for the growth of Alzheimer’s. And at somehow, it is true also as in all the researches it is found that HSV-1 doubles the danger of growth of Alzheimer.

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If someone is dating a person who is infected by this HSV-1 than the virus also transmit the person whom they are dating with. The cold sores are common in both the diseases but while talking about herpes, its virus stays i the n body for lifelong. The information about acquiring Alzheimer by HSV-1 is very less in the people by which it becomes so often to having cold sores on lips for long time and looks so ugly and painful too. The cure of this disease does not exist, only prevention is the only cure to control the effects of Herpes and Alzheimer’s .

There are many sites available to grab the knowledge about this lifelong disease and the side effects of this disease which are called as herpes dating sites. These herpes dating sites also provide the correct matches to date with, by which the virus does not produce any harm to anyone. These cold sores are so irritated and painful also, the people having this Alzheimer disease seems to look so sad and disturb. The people with herpes will double the situation to get the Alzheimer. So as to overcome from this, herpes people should understand that their virus (HSV-1) will not transfer to any fit person by which that person to whom the person living with herpes is dating can stay safe.