How does it feel to be young, single and having Herpes?

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Oftentimes dating feels like a long obstacle course comprising of various elements like sex, confusion and misunderstanding, but throw in an STD such as herpes and it feels like you signed up for the Amazing Race and ended up on Survivor. Yes, dating with herpes isn’t easy. With one in six persons in the age bracket of 14 – 49 living with herpes, can it be said that dating with herpes is difficult?

How does having an STD affect dating life?

You can no longer be as careless as you once used to be. Having a conversation on herpes becomes a necessity during the early stages of the relationship. Although it might freak out in the beginning, you’d eventually have to come to terms with the fact that you’re living with a sexually transmitted infection and that your partner deserves to know everything about it. You cannot live in the constant fear of being judged by your prospective partner.

Overcoming the stigma attached with herpes and dating with an STI

The first things that people diagnosed with herpes usually check is the statistics about how common herpes is. According to official figures, 1 in 6 persons in the United States are living with herpes and 1 in 4 women have the herpes simplex virus. Regardless of these number, you’d come across very few people who claim to have herpes. In fact, you wouldn’t have come across any person among your family and friends who is living with the sexually transmitted infection.

This is usually because people find it extremely difficult to have a conversation about herpes. As a matter of fact, the topic of herpes is something that you don’t bring up in a casual conversation. The best way to overcome the stigma attached with herpes is to speak with others about it. Now only will this help you get rid of the burden of keeping a secret but also encourage others around you having herpes to share their experiences.

How can herpes support communities and dating sites help?

You might have come across various support communities that have been created exclusively for people living with herpes. The purpose of these communities is to connect like – minded individuals by proving a common platform where they can interact with each other. On the other hand, you have dating sites exclusive for people who are looking to date despite having herpes. This is an encouraging sign for those who once preferred to stay in the closet. Given the fact that every person on a  herpes dating site has herpes and connects with you at a personal level, your chances of finding a match or making genuine friends is high.