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Everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a complete and happy life, including those dating with herpes. A herpes diagnosis is unlikely to negatively affect day to day life. Living with herpes does not have to interfere with most activities, interests, or hobbies. Dating someone with herpes that could be a cause for concern. A person diagnosed may be wondering when they should tell their romantic interest about their STD status. Every responsible adult should be able to openly discuss their status with a potential partner, even if they are not infected with herpes. For those who are infected, the conversation may be a bit more intimidating.

There are some individuals who will simply wait for the conversation to arise. The problem is that the conversation may never come up, and if it does, it could be weeks or months into the relationship. On the other hand, there are some who want to avoid wasting time and share the information the moment they meet someone. Sharing intimate details too soon carries the potential to scare off the love interest. That doesn’t mean that STD status can’t be discussed during the first meeting or conversation. Each relationship is different and will naturally take its own course. As a rule of thumb, have the talk with an interest as soon as they are considered a potential sex partner.

Having the “Herpes Talk”

An individual dating with herpes should get used to initiate ‘the talk’ about their status. It is a conversation that wills most likely need to occur multiple times in their lifetime. As with most things, it will become easier and less awkward over time Even if the romantic interest does not want to pursue a sexual relationship, they will likely carry a greater level of respect and understanding if they are told earlier. People, who can share their experiences, even when they aren’t ideal, elicit confidence and security.

Many singles make use of herpes dating sites to make finding a suitable partner easier. Seeking a partner who is also dating with herpes minimizes the insecurity of rejection. The two can provide emotional support to one another in times of need. Living with herpes doesn’t have to mean living in isolation and misery. There are herpes dating sites and support groups to help make the situation easier. It is a good idea to communicate with others and pick up tips on how to initiate conversations and overcome awkward moments.

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