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5 Marriage tips from couples who’ve been together for more than 25 years


Don’t expect to be on the same page always.

This advice is the furtherance of the point discussed above. As a couple, you need to understand that you two might be the most agreeable people in the world, but even then, there could arise a difference of opinion between you at some point in your married life. And that’s perfectly okay. Disagreements are necessary, too, in building a healthy marital relationship. They test your patience, communication skills, and cohesiveness between you. It shows the elasticity of your bonding. The trick here is to strike a balance between listening and communicating. For a successful relationship, you need to do both. Always have an open, honest, and heart-to-heart talk with each other and sort out any differences that may arise.

Don’t forget to surprise.

Do you still remember those days when you dated each other? How dearly you loved those surprise gifts or sudden treats given by your partner? The person you married is the same guy. And we all like gifts and surprises. Don’t we? So, where did you lose all those magic? Why it all has to stop after marriage? Let us tell you a secret. Start repeatedly surprising each other with treats and gifts, and see your relationship come alive. These little tits and bits here and there matter a lot in building a happy and strong marriage.    

Keep your friendship alive.

Before you kissed each other on your lips or got in the sheets, you two became friends. Family, career, finances, kids, and health – all of them are important in a marriage but don’t lose your friendship with each other which is the building block of this relationship. There could be hundreds of reasons to be anxious, become tensed, get angry or even get bored, but never forget to talk to your partner about it. After all, you two are best friends who have nothing to hide from each other. So, be casual, just like you did before marriage, and share all you have in mind with your better half. And who knows, your partner, who is also your best friend, may devise a solution to your worries.

Don’t kill your passion or hobbies.

Your hobbies define you as a person. You may be a good singer, painter, drummer, or designer apart from being a working professional. And your partner might have liked you just for these hobbies in the initial days of your relationship. So, what stops you now from painting, designing, or singing? After all, they help you get connected to your true inner self. The same holds for your partner as well. And that is where most couples go wrong. They stop singing or writing poems, or painting once they get married. Marriage is not the end of your soul’s journey. Practicing your hobbies lets you stay calm and at peace with yourself. So, encourage each other to pursue your hobbies and ignite the spark in your marriage once again.

Celebrate every occasion

Be it the anniversary of your first meeting or the day when he first proposed – celebrate every occasion after marriage, no matter what. Birthdays and marriage anniversary celebrations are fairly common. Keep your relationship unique, alive, and kicking with these little enjoyments. Go to places, watch movies, and visit the restaurant where you first ate together to commemorate the special occasion. And if you don’t mind sharing your happiness with others, book a banquet hall in your city and throw a party for your close ones. There are many cozy banquet halls in Gurgaon where you can celebrate the day of your first kiss with a few old friends if you are from Delhi NCR. Stay young at heart and be happy. Don’t let circumstances affect your marital relationship.  


Nothing in this world grows without attention. The same holds for your marriage. Shower your marital relationship with attention and care; it will grow into a beautiful flowering tree over the years. The initial dependence on physical intimacy in marriage fades with time due to age, health, responsibilities, etc. Still, the fruits of a strong husband-wife relationship deliver their sweetness till the end of life. So, follow the tips mentioned above and work on the most sacred earthly relationship with all your heart.